1917 August 30th
Khalil Al Falamanki
was born
in Beirut,Lebanon
1921 In September
Khalil Al Falamanki
goes to school
1935 Khalil takes up
in order to
take care of his
7 brothers
and sisters
1940 In March
Khalil meets his
beautiful wife to be
Souad Karam
1940 In September
Souad Karam
becomes Mrs.
Khalil Al Falamanki
1940 November 8th
Khalil has a
hurtful injury
that prohibits him
from ever wrestling
professionally again
1940 In December Khalil
meets the notorious
Tarek Fakhry,
and soon after becomes
his bodyguard for an
uninterrupted 12 years
1946 In January he
attended the opening
of Flamingo Hotel
and Casino in
Las Vegas Nevada
1947 Mr. Fakhry takes
Khalil with him on
a visit to Europe and
introduces him to
many celebrities from
across the world
1956 Anis Al Falamanki,
Khalil's only son
is born
1982 In October
Khalil Al Falamanki
passes away
but his legacy
2008 September 25th
the opening of
Al Falamanki cafe,
a tribute to Khalil's
vibrant soul

Designed to take you back to the village you grew up in, Al Falamanki is the perfect
venue for one to sit and play a game of cards or backgammon, while listening
to artists such as Fairuz playing in the background. Offering a wide
selection of delicious Lebanese cuisine, Al Falamanki Café is
serenity in the midst of chaos and havoc;
a little village within the city.

When Khalil visited Paris he met up with
Dalida and she took him on a full tour
of the beautiful city

Dekkanet Al Falamanki is a convenient agro-retail boutique where all sorts of provisions offered from many villages of Lebanon can be found.
You will find at your disposable an extensive range of produce dedicated to bringing traditional flavors into your home, ranging from pantry and dairy products, to vegetables, including bread and pastries as well as sweets.
Opens daily from 8:00 am till 12:00 am, in Al Falamanki gardens.
Tel: 01 333 246


A real proof of the village in the heart of the city, "Dekkanet Al Falamanki" is many people's favorite corner store. The rural-­-inspired store sells some of the goods and produce found on the menu, to provide people with a share of Al Falamanki to take home and enjoy whenever they want.
You can find 100% natural and exquisite spices, olive oil, variety of jam flavors, pickles, organic soap, herbs etc… that preserve the spirit of authentic Lebanese production. In addition to Lebanese designers home products, kitchen wear.
None of the products are labeled Al Falamanki, but rather marked with the names of their original producers. This gesture is Al Falamankis’ way to give back to the community by perpetuating the know-­-how associated with specific culinary techniques; a tribute to traditional culinary artisans that defined what the Levant cuisine is today.

Al Falamanki loved playing poker especially
Texas Hold'em. And one of the most
infamous stories about Khalil is when he
played against Omar Al Sharif and
won $ 30,000 in one game

Lebanese cuisine is a combination of European sophistication with exotic Asian ingredients and a twist of Middle Eastern spices. It is generally regarded as one of the world`s healthiest cuisines, because of its minimally processed foods and abundant use of fruits and vegetables.

Al Falamanki is the perfect adaptation of traditional Lebanese culture and dishes into the modern day restaurant.

On Khalil's 45th birthday
Alfred Hitchcock surprised him
with a special screening
of his upcoming movie
"The Birds"

Beirut Address:
Damascus Road - Sodeco
Beirut - Lebanon
Tel: +961 1 32 34 56

Raouche Address:
Raouche, Facing the Pigeon's Rock
Beirut - Lebanon
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Jumeirah Beach Road,
Jumeirah 2, across Four Seasons Resort
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